Monifieth High School
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School Uniform 2
Designer label clothes are notoriously expensive.  Peer pressure on pupils produces its own pressures on parents to purchase particular items of clothing. Uniform removes pressures at least as far as school is concerned.  This can mean considerable savings for parents.  In addition, uniform avoids the fragmentation of the school community into social groupings identified by particular designer labels.


Blazer for all year groups (S5-6 blazer includes braid)
White blouse/shirt, smartly worn and buttoned to neck
School tie, knotted to neck
S1 - 4 Blazer without Braid
Plain black v-neck sweater or cardigan with school logo or plain black v-neck or cardigan
Black trousers or skirt (approximately 20 inches in length). Elasticated skirts should not be worn. Likewise leggings/jeggings and all forms of jeans should not be worn.
Black shoes (or plain black trainers)
It is preferable that outer jackets are of a dark colour. Denim and camouflage jackets should not be worn; large logos should be likewise avoided.